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CBD Focus Formula 500mg

Product category: Oil Drop

Focus on the God of Ning, focus on peace of mind, stabilize your emotions, and focus on the present. Suitable for office workers to improve concentration and productivity. Stress Relief Relaxation , Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief , Focus , Efficacy Boost concentration, productivity and emotional stability Apply symptoms Insufficient concentration, irritability, restlessness, fatigue, insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, depression How to use 1 time a day, each time a dropper drops in the bottom of the tongue, including 1 minute and then area can be. Increase the number and serving size of your own when necessary. Start-up time 15-30 minutes Effect maintenance time 4-6 hours Product name CBD Focused Refreshing Formula Focus 500mg 30ml per capacity 500 mg per CBD concentration...

2pcs (5% off)
Chill All Day Set (Focus Formula x1 + Relax Formula x1)

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