Olanda's story

Olanda International was founded in 2013 to promote premium herbal health products. Hong Kong people live a busy life, physically and mentally exhausted, no place to relieve stress, suffering from insomnia, eczema. Founders often in the early years because of the recurrence of old back problems can not sleep, all over the painkillers are ineffective. Until the United Kingdom dry, by the local friends to introduce CBD products, take the present has been effective to relieve back pain, sleep until the day.

After careful study, we found that CBD has great physical and mental benefits, with anti-inflammatory analgesic, anxiety relief effect, determined to introduce CBD products. We personally formulated the "Hong Kong People's Formula" in order to meet the real needs of Hong Kong people in terms of efficacy, taste and concentration, and some of our products are more manufactured in Hong Kong, hoping to become a professional Hong Kong CBD brand one day.

We are committed to promoting the popularization of the CBD so that more people can understand its efficacy and eliminate misunderstandings. CBD is nature's gift to mankind's treasures, in the hustle and bustle for you to create a secure space, remove the key to love is to bear the burden, learn to feel life. We want everyone to enjoy high-quality CBD products at the right price, to regain their pace and master the rhythm of life.

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